Giving Back

Our desire at Health & Soul is to support individuals and families on their journey toward improved health.
We know there are times when health conditions become serious or life-threatening, and it’s in these moments that excellent medical care and promising medical advances can provide hope. And that hope is what carries people forward in the hardest of times. That’s why Health & Soul supports organizations, such as the MACC Fund, which brings new possibilities and more options to families that are experiencing the burden of childhood cancer. 
The MACC Fund raises money for childhood cancer and related blood disorders research. Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children. The MACC Fund has helped increase the five-year survival rate for childhood cancer from 20 percent when the fund began to 80 percent today.
I grew up volunteering for this organization with my family, and the experience certainly played a role in my decision to pursue a career in medicine. I’m pleased to continue supporting the fund as the founder of Health & Soul.